Lawn Maintenance


We maintain your lawn by providing weekly services that include mowing, edging, and blowing off all driveways and walkways. Our low monthly options will provide year round services also include the following lawn maintenance plus stick removal, round up sprayed in beds, walk ways and drive ways and weekly leaf clean up through the fall and winter. Bush and tree trimming is available throughout the year. If you are not on a monthly program we offer weekly, bi-weekly and one-time visits but will only include mowing, edging and blowing of walk- ways and drive-ways.


We maintain your commercial property by providing weekly services that include mowing, edging and blowing off all walkways and parking lots. Our low monthly options will also include round up sprayed in beds, walk-ways and parking lots, as well as leaf clean-up throughout the fall and winter.

New Installation:

We can take your designs and install quality and professional services as well as high quality plants, trees and bushes from local growers in the area. Free estimates are available. Request for bids can be filled out on our contact us page.

Leaf Removal:

Fall leaf removal is included for all monthly lawn contracts. If you are looking to remove leaves during the fall we will come on a weekly basis.


Annual pruning of bushes and trees is a necessary to keep your lawn looking its best. No job is too small or too big. Call to schedule your pruning today.


We offer the highest quality turf care products is 5 steps

Application 1: Early spring between February 15- March 7. This application prohibits the growth of crabgrass and other weeds as well as getting your lawn green for the spring.

Application 2: Late spring between May 20- April 15. This application consists of fertilizer, post emergent and pre-emergent.

Application 3: Early summer between June 1-July 10.This applications consists of post emergent crabgrass control and a summer fertilizer.Fungicides may be recommended at this time.

Application 4: Early Fall between September 1- October 31.This application consists of starter fertilizer, core aeration and over-seeding.If seeding is not performed a fall fertilizer will be applied.

Application 5: Late fall and winter between November 15-December 15. A winterizer will be applied to your turf to promote root growth and keep your lawn looking good until spring.

Aerating, Seeding and Fertilization

Starting in the early Fall between September 1 – October 31. If you are interested in getting your lawn aerated, seeded and fertilized, we suggest scheduling an appointment as early as August.

Professional Tree Service

Tree Removal:

We offer full service tree and brush removal. We can remove small or large trees and can provide crane service when necessary. With over 20 years tree experience we can take down almost anything. Fast response service available for storm damage or trees on houses.

Mulch and Pine Straw

We will install and deliver the finest quality mulch and pine straw in the area. If you are looking to spruce up the appearance of your lawn mulch and pine straw is the way to go. Please view our Products page to see the various types offered in this area. All mulch and pine straw jobs will include delivery and installation.